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What are the Geo trends for 2016?

By , 2 February, 2016 8:05 am

We’re a month into 2016 and it already looks like we’re seeing good things ahead for the geo-services industry. In 2014, the market was valued at £99bn and is set to rise to £170bn by 2020. Geospatially, human IoT encompasses pervasive and interactive emerging applications like location-based services, wearables, health and fitness, indoor positioning, augmented reality, amongst others that heighten consumer engagement. At the Geovation Hub, we’re surrounded, mainly by location-based start-ups, that are combining technology and innovation to make their ideas become a reality. And we believe that location is everywhere, because we’ve got the proof. It’s on trains, it’s in farms, it’s flying with drones and the list just goes on… after doing some research into the geo-services industry, I’ve combined a list of five trends that professionals working in the industry think we’ll be seeing in 2016!

Open Data: Governmental institutions, but also corporates will share their digital treasures and allow for a plethora of new applications that can help addressing today’s challenges. Good examples are Copernicus, Deutsche Bahn, the city of Berlin and Esri’s Urban Oservatory. Continue reading 'What are the Geo trends for 2016?'»

Member news! FATMAP’s new 3D Ski Maps

By , 29 January, 2016 12:00 pm

After a successful launch last season in select European resorts, outdoor mapping company, FATMAP, have dramatically increased the number of ski maps they offer visitors to major resorts in the US, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The full list can be found here.​ Every map will now be available to download for free with the option to upgrade to premium for extra features.

“We’re re­imagining ski maps” says co­founder Misha Gopaul, “and our mission this season is to get these new maps to as many skiers as possible”. Until now, skiers who stick to the piste have only been able to turn to the piste map for in­resort navigation and more advanced skiers are still using old methods such as contour maps and guide books.

With the combination of 3D mobile technology and a growing community of experts and ambassadors, FATMAP are creating the most powerful ski maps available, capable of calculating terrain information instantly and providing fresh and up­to­date ‘guidebook’ style information straight to your phone. “With FATMAP” says Gopaul “you can know the area like a local on day one.”

The maps show skiers a model of the real­world, a one­to­one map. This allows for a complete view over the entire landscape of a resort both from a distance and in “skier view” where you can explore the resort and its lift­accessed off­piste in virtual reality.

With this level of detail and information, FATMAP provides skiers with the tools to make better decisions and explore the mountains with confidence. This is all achieved by using the very latest ultra high­resolution stereoscopic satellite imagery that is used to produce 3D models of the terrain. These models are supplemented with a vast amount of expert content to turn them into context­sensitive ‘live’ maps.

The information in the maps is gathered and curated by FATMAP using a community of in­resort experts and local mountain professionals. The company is recruiting more content contributors and ambassadors in each resort to ensure each map is the most up to date resource available. Many of the resorts are also partnering with the startup to help give their visitors a better and safer experience. Details of the company’s community can be found at here.

“Our maps are not built in isolation, we involve the entire ski community ­ from brands to resorts to locals to everyday skiers ­ to ensure we can produce the best maps possible.” says Marketing Director, Adam Robinson.

DataSpring API Ready for Alpha Feedback

By , 29 January, 2016 8:00 am

dataspring_blog_590x330 copy

Today’s guest blog is written by Martin Lea who works in a technical team at Ordnance Survey. Martin has been working on a collaborative project that aims to deliver a new API platform called “DataSpring”. DataSpring is a one-stop-shop, providing developers with easy access to authoritative public sector environmental data.


The project has finished an initial phase of development and is now ready for user feedback. So, if you’re a developer who’s keen to get early access to the platform and provide feedback, please read on!

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Location, location, marketing

By , 23 January, 2016 8:00 am

I recently read that 66% of marketers think that location-based adverting is the most ‘exciting’ mobile opportunity for 2016, boy do I blame them? No, of course not. It’s a revolution that’s itching to come alive and change the way that marketers have been traditionally advertising for years. So you thought about buying them really cool pair of shoes that you saw online? And it just so happens that you’re currently walking past a popular shoe retailers down Oxford St. and all of a sudden your phone vibrates… Who is it? It’s them pair of shoes, haunting you with a 25% discount and you haven’t even got to walk to go and get them because you’re within a few metres proximity of the store. Well… the majority of people just won’t be able to resist it! And that’s the reality, because I wouldn’t. Would you?

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Innovation to improve water use behaviour? Water for thought this festive season…

By , 28 December, 2015 8:00 am

The 2015-16 Geovation Challenge calls for open innovation in water management:

‘How can we better manage water use in Britain, sustainably?’

Among the current festivities we turn our attention to water use behaviour, one of our five problem focus themes of the Challenge. Our very own Sarah Stead from Ordnance Survey gives us some ‘[water] for thought’…

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so crooned Andy Williams. Right now, you’re probably reading this whilst either; a) sipping a cuppa; b) waiting for the kettle to boil or; c) having just finished doing the washing up from a previous round of drinks and deliberately trying to avoid eye contact for fear of a conversation starting?


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What keeps Southern Water awake at night? Applying geographic science to water innovation

By , 23 December, 2015 8:30 am

The current Geovation Challenge aims to stimulate innovation in ‘How can we better manage water use in Britain, sustainably?’

Southern Water, one of our Geovation Water Challenge sponsors, discuss their own water challenges of ‘what keeps them awake at night’ and what Geovation would mean for them…

“Southern Water provides 4.6 million people with water and wastewater services across South East England. We look after more than 13,000km of water mains and nearly 40,000km of sewers (almost the circumference of the earth, if we connected them all together). The South is already an area of water stress and the population is forecast to grow by 20% in the next twenty years. This increased demand coupled with climate change means Southern Water is facing a challenging future.

SW picture

Image courtesy of Southern Water

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Managing water better, sustainably – where data meets policy

By , 22 December, 2015 8:00 am

In this blog we have been discussing the latest Geovation Challenge: ‘How can we better manage water in Britain, sustainably?’

Today it is the turn of one of our partners, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to give the perspective of policymakers. Nick Haigh, Lead Analyst for Water and Flood Management outlines the opportunities and challenges.

“We have recently announced #OpenDefra, our open data programme and the Geovation Water Challenge fits perfectly with this. We have data, but we also have problems: too much water, too little water, poor water quality, ageing infrastructure and the need for new water using behaviours. We are supporting Geovation because we hope the data, analytical and business community can take new and existing data sources – particularly those made available by our partner the Environment Agency – and use them to develop ways to solve water problems.

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Trend Café @ the Hub

By , 10 December, 2015 8:00 am

Trend Café @ the Hub: “Believe it or not: the 2015 edition”

17 December, 5pm – 6pm, Geovation Hub, Clerkenwell Green EC1R OBE


Join us for the final Trend Café of 2015, where we’ll be kicking-back with a mince pie and looking back at the more unique innovations from the last 12 months… But don’t believe everything you see!

Snail on rocket speeding up


From a crowd-funding campaign to bailout Greece and a cheese toasties mail-order service, to a bar that mixes you drinks based on DNA, cinemas powered by joggers, and sheep that double as road signs, can you tell the real innovations from the ridiculous and spot the gimmicks?

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Open Data Masterclasses – dive into the Water Challenge!

By , 25 November, 2015 8:00 am


Challenge Banner

Next week will see the launch of the 9th Geovation Challenge “How can we better manage water in Britain, sustainably?” so keep a close eye here on the blog for further news!

In support of the Water Challenge, we’re announcing a further series of our popular FREE open data masterclasses, with six dates throughout Britain. During the session, we’ll take a close look at open data available from Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency and others, revealing how the information can be used as a key ingredient to solving problems relating to the theme.

You’ll learn the basics, including how to access and download open data, using the information in an open-source software package to run through a self-led tutorial that will enable you to analyse a Water related problem.

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GeoSpock completes £3.5m Series A fundraising

By , 5 November, 2015 10:53 am

On 5th October 2015, GeoSpock, one of our first ever resident innovators at the Geovation Hub announced the closure of its series A investment round, totaling £3,500,000. Our team here at the Hub were thrilled when we heard about their success.

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