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Enter the Challenge

By , 7 November, 2013 8:00 am

Entrepreneurs, developers, community groups, innovators – enter the GeoVation Challenge for a chance to win a slice of innovation funding to help you develop your idea. There will be funding for ideas that make best use of Ordnance Survey data, including OS OpenData.

How can we encourage active lifestyles in Britain? Enter the Challenge

Click here to enter the Active Lifestyles GeoVation Challenge

This  challenge has now closed. It ran from 7 November 2013  to 15 January 2014 (12 noon).

See who won our previous challenges on the winners page.

How does the GeoVation Challenge Programme work?

Image showing geovation process steps

The GeoVation Challenge process works like this:

1. Review the challenge problem statements and think of an idea that may help address the current GeoVation Challenge question. Look at the problem statements to help you address this. Your idea will be specific to the social need framed by the current GeoVation Challenge, and geography will be central to its implementation. It must be innovative in that you are trying to implement something that will make a difference.

2. Post your idea. Register for the Challenge online and you can then submit your idea relating to the challenge theme posted on the website. By registering on the site you can:

  • Setup your profile, describing your background, motivation, skills you offer and skills you are looking for
  • Post ideas, comment on and rate others ideas
  • Connect with people that share the same passions as you?
  • Collaborate on with other GeoVators to identify and meet needs
  • Create new and exciting solutions and ventures using geography

These questions may help you submit your idea

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Who are you solving it for?
  • How painful is this problem for them?
  • How is this problem currently solved? – The Competition (there always is some!)
  • What ideas have already been submitted?
  • How could you use Ordnance Survey data in your solution?

3. Those with the best ideas (finalists) will be invited to GeoVation Camp. Selection criteria will be based upon the objective of the Challenge. As a finalist you will need to bring a team to GeoVation Camp to work on building your selected idea into a prototype enterprise or venture. You will also identify  how to overcome challenges in implementing your idea, explore the skills and resources needed to sustain your idea and learn to pitch your idea ‘pecha kucha’ style.

See feedback from previous GeoVation Camps. During the weekend GeoVation camp you can:

  • Clarify and test the need your idea addresses on stakeholders and potential end users
  • Identify how to overcome the challenges in implementing your idea
  • Explore the enterprise model that will sustain your idea once implemented
  • Identify the skills, resources and support needed to implement your idea
  • Develop and pitch your idea and brief implementation plan
  • Identify other organisations and individuals you could work with to develop the idea further

4. Finalists pitch for a chance to win innovation funding.  At the end of the weekend you will pitch your idea to the independent judging panel for the chance to win a share of funding to implement your idea. There will also be a  “community” award voted for by the attending audience.  Following camp successful ideas will be selected to receive funding subject to completion of a satisfactory venture plan.  The judges will meet to review the venture plans and winners will be confirmed.

GeoVation may also offer further support to finalists to help them  implement their ideas, where possible. GeoVation aims to provide support, if required; to help you get your venture going in terms of identifying the skills, relationships and contacts you may need.

Other awards may be introduced associated with all, or specific challenges.

Dates for GeoVation Challenge Programme 2013
7 Nov 2013 – 15 Jan 2014 (12:00 noon) Call for ideas.
24 January 2014 Selected ideas invited to GeoVation Camp
Selected ideas posted. Registration for camp opens
28 Feb -  2 Mar 2014 GeoVation Camp. Successful finalists announced
26 March 2014 Funding amounts confirmed


As always if you have any comments, ideas or random thoughts get in touch at champions@geovation.org.uk

Happy GeoVating!

3 Responses to “Enter the Challenge”

  1. Chris Smith says:

    As a disabled person can I have a contact within GeoVation who deals with disabled issues so that we can create a cohesive project for the disabled community.

  2. Chris Smith says:

    As a disabled person involved with outdoor activities especially accessing rough terrain areas can I suggest a facility which builds and refurbishes ” All terrain” disabled buggies.
    This facility will create work and revenue for the disabled community plus giving access to such areas as Forestry Commission land, Beaches, or in fact any untarmaced or paved areas of the countryside.

    This would enable the disabled community access to areas of the country that they are excluded from.

    I have a number of buggies in various stages of repair as a starting point.

  3. Roger asked me to get my old vacuum from the closet.
    Do not distribute the liquid, work from the outside to the
    center of the leak. Dirt Devil commenced out during 1905 when it was first launched in city of Cleveland, Ohio.

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