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Young Rewired State’s Festival of Code 2014

By , 18 July, 2014 8:00 am

For the second year running, Ordnance Survey’s Innovation team are supporting Young Rewired State’s (YRS) Festival of Code, which is a week-long hackathon event for young people aged 18 and under. YRS is the philanthropic arm of Rewired state, which is the largest independent developer network in the UK.

Young Rewired State's festival of code

We’ve teamed up with The Cathedral Innovation Centre and Totton College to bring one of the YRS centres to the Solent region for the first time. Totton college, along with over 50 other centres, will host four-day sessions for young programmers in its state-of-the-art facilities and members from Ordnance Survey’s Innovation team will be on hand to help the participants create websites, prototypes and apps, demonstrating how geospatial information and technology can enhance their ventures.

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Building prototypes at Glasgow’s Future Cities Hackathon

By , 7 April, 2014 8:15 am


With more and more of Britain’s population now living in urban environments, is it possible to harness the power of technology more effectively, to make cities a better place to live in? This is a question the UK’s innovation agency – Technology Strategy Board – posed to 50 cities back in 2012, inviting them to bid for a £24m funding award that would enable the winning bidder to become a ‘Future Cities Demonstrator’ – an initiative that, through the use of technology, aims to improve the integration of services and the urban communities that rely upon them. After taking part in the open competition, Glasgow City Council was awarded with the funding.

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Ordnance Survey Developer Challenge attracts dozens of innovative ideas!

By , 11 March, 2014 8:00 am

Since launching Ordnance Survey’s maiden Developer Challenge at the tail-end of 2013, we’ve been busy promoting the competition to all of you budding developers out there! We’re delighted to announce that in total, we received 38 ideas, with the competition now closed for entries.  A further stage of the selection process will now take before we announce the winners next month.

ordnance survey developer challenge graphic

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Return of Ordnance Survey’s free OS OpenData Masterclasses

By , 8 October, 2013 8:00 am

OSOpenData materclass icon

People across Great Britain are being given the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of open data and the tools and techniques to use open datasets, through a series of free masterclasses, hosted by Ordnance Survey and supported by Horizon Digital Economy Research.

This series of masterclasses will follow the format of previous workshops in combining theory and practical sessions.

materclass being delivered

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Geovation winners join thought-leaders exploring sustainability driven innovation

By , 16 September, 2013 4:00 pm

Last Thursday Ordnance Survey was delighted to host the Sustainable Innovation Lab (SusIN Lab) conference, here at our Head Office in Southampton. This was the fourth and final session in a series of workshop events organised by the University of Exeter Business School. The workshops, which Ordnance Survey’s GeoVation team have been participating in, have been running since December 2012. They explore, through collaboration, how sustainability is driving innovation and creating new forms of value for different stakeholders in the public, private and third sectors.

susin LAB graphic

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Helping young people innovate with open data at the Festival of Code 2013

By , 15 August, 2013 8:00 am

You may have read in our previous blog that last week, Ordnance Survey supported the Young Rewired State’s (YRS) Festival of Code 2013. Our support for the event involved us working with a team of other experienced mentors, to help almost thirty young people create new prototype apps and websites. Ideas ranged from creating a grocery price comparison site; to building a conceptual app that maps how intelligent people are in different areas of Great Britain.

ordnance survey developer support

Developer Program Manager – Ian Holt teaching Young People how to code with Ordnance Survey data
Photo by Amina Malik Courtesy of Hub Westminster.

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Ordnance Survey at the Festival of Code 2013

By , 6 August, 2013 8:00 am


On the 5th and 6th of August, we’re supporting the Young Rewired State’s Festival of Code 2013. This will be the fifth such exciting gathering of talented young coders, designers and developers – all of whom are under the age of 18. Our developer outreach team will be supporting the event by offering mentorship to some of the teams that have entered the competition.

YRS Logo

So, what is the The Festival of Code? Essentially, it’s a week-long hackathon for young people, taking place in various centres throughout the UK.  From Monday through to Thursday, young people will gather to learn how to code and how to program the world around them.

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My summer internship with Ordnance Survey’s developer outreach team

By , 30 July, 2013 8:00 am

For those of our blog followers that aren’t aware; this summer, Ordnance Survey is running a programme for paid internships. A number of roles were made available for undergraduates interested in working with geospatial data, technology and products as well as roles in Human Resources and Marketing. Ordnance Survey’s developer outreach team accepted the opportunity to be involved in the program and following a round of telephone interviews, were delighted to welcome James Smith to our team.

Today, we have a guest post from James detailing what he has been tasked with and what he’s already achieved during the 3 weeks he’s been with us so far!

“As a summer intern coming to Ordnance Survey I didn’t really know what to expect. Of course, I vaguely knew that it wasn’t all about the paper sheet maps anymore and that a lot of what the national mapping agency does now is based on digital offerings. However, half way through my six week internship in the Products and Innovation team, this blog post is about what I have found out and my experiences whilst being here.

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The Linked Data opportunity for developers

By , 26 July, 2013 8:00 am

Some 20 years ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. This revolutionised the way many of us access data today, using the internet to consume information such as words, pictures, videos for example. Now, he’s focusing on building a web for open, Linked Data which could revolutionise the way we use; and potentially unlock the value of data.

So, what is Linked Data? Why and how is Ordnance Survey embracing the opportunity and what is the Linked Data opportunity for developers? We thought you would be interested to learn more – so here’s a blog covering it off.

linked data platform from Ordnance Survey

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Innovation to solve business problems with environmental data

By , 10 July, 2013 8:00 am

As many of our blog followers will be aware, the recent GeoVation challenge resulted in four successful finalists being awarded a share of innovation funding to develop their ideas that addressed: “How can we help British business improve environmental performance?”

Whilst our challenge has now drawn to a close, you may be interested to learn that other funding initiatives do exist – such as the forthcoming ‘Solving business problems with environmental data’ competition, which is being launched by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), in collaboration with the Environmental Sustainability KTN.

exhibition space at event

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